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Igniting The Imagination.


Owner of Gallery Gemma in the Alton Mill Arts Centre, Anne-Marie Warburton brings her passion for fine jewellery to life in the service of her clients. Anne-Marie Warburton is the President and CEO of Gallery Gemma, a unique jewellery boutique that showcases magnificent artisanal and designer jewellery inspired by her travels.

Gemma is located in the Alton Mill Arts Centre, a venue she characterizes as “going hand-in-hand with what I offer.” “It's a community of artists. When I moved in almost ten years ago, the owners had a vision to restore the building and create an arts centre here. They have come a long way in realizing this vision.” Anne-Marie is a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America, the world's leading authority on Gems and Gemology. She holds diplomas in their Jewellery Management Program and cultured pearls. She studied to become a metalsmith in Santa Fe, Manhattan, Virginia Beach, Portland Maine, Toronto and the Haliburton School of Art. 

This is a lifetime pursuit for excellence. She has been educated in the sourcing and understanding of diamonds in London, Antwerp, Amsterdam, and Idar-Oberstein. Unlike many other Canadian jewellers, Anne-Marie personally acquires her world-class gems, diamonds and pearls as close to the source as possible.“My travels ignited my imagination – I was captivated by the exquisite designer jewellery that I saw everywhere I went. And yet it wasn’t available on a wide scale in Canada. 

"Every jewellery store in Ontario looked exactly the same to me. I wanted to bring outstanding work of this caliber to the Canadian market.”

“I wanted to showcase the individuality I was seeing in other parts of the world. I was passionate about jewels and gems and diamonds. And I was fortunate to be able to earn and study and present the work of those artists, as well as creating my own line.”


...My travels ignited my imagination – the exquisite designer jewellery that I saw everywhere I went...


Gallery Gemma’s inventory ranges from $20 to $20,000 per ensemble, from the small and simple to the very sophisticated – including everything in between. Gemma features primarily one-of-a-kind offerings, with some small production pieces as well. There is something for everyone really – traditional, chunky, in your face, soft and sophisticated – it’s all there. Gemma specializes in designing and redesigning jewellery, as well as repairing and stringing pearls.

Anne-Marie works in silver, gold, platinum and titanium. Gemma has showcased many of the top jewellery artists in the industry since Anne-Marie first opened her doors – including Alex Sepkus (New York); Diana Heimann (New York); Aaron Henry (Los Angeles); Janis Kerman (Montreal); Toby Pemeroy (Colorado); Adele Chefridi (Rhode Island); plus Betty Sue King of King’s Ransom, San Francisco, an internationally renowned expert in the pearl industry.

Anne-Marie is married to the celebrated master-gardener, David Warburton, who specializes in creating landscaping for prestige country properties in the Caledon Hills and beyond. Their son, Kristian, is in film school. Their daughter, Bonnie, is in Quest University studying Liberal Arts & Sciences. Presently in the process of creating a new line she calls The Garden Party, Anne-Marie has this to say: “The inspiration for this collection came from what is important to me – personal growth and self-awareness; these are passions that satisfy my soul. Growth also relates to gardens, which are my husband’s specialty.”

“Mother’s Day weekend, I will present this new collection in a garden atmosphere at the gallery. My husband will be on hand to offer his expert advice on the nuances of advanced gardening.”

...I am committed to keeping in touch with new trends - to being on trend without ever being trendy...

The legacy Anne-Marie wishes to leave is one of contributing joy and love through her work and personal life. “I want people to feel that they can express themselves through what we create for them at Gallery Gemma. That they can rely on us to create exceptional pieces of jewellery, while having an enjoyable experience.” 

“I love being part of my clients’ life celebrations. I am committed to keeping in touch with new trends, to being on trend without ever being trendy. I also want to continue to grow as a designer. Jewellery is so very precious because it can be designed and redesigned, handed down from generation to generation." 

One tour of the fine pieces on view at Gallery Gemma is enough to prove Anne-Marie Warburton has risen to this inspired vision.

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